12 Original kitchen Gadgets that you May not have Known Existed

1. Silicone bowls.

They are mainly used for making batter for buns or pancakes. All the ingredients can be mixed directly in the bowl, and then firmly squeeze it in the middle to pour the required amount of liquid into the pan or mold. They are also equipped with a measuring scale, which eliminates the need to use a separate measuring bowl.

2. Pasta pot.

If you are a fan of pasta, you will appreciate this invention. The unique lid with holes, like a colander, snaps right on the pan. In addition, this dish has an oval shape, which is very convenient when the entire stove is occupied.

3. Folding grater.

It will help you significantly save kitchen space, especially since you can put it not only in a drawer, but also just put it on the top shelf of the cabinet. When unfolded, it looks like a regular grater and has a convenient handle to make it easier to grate vegetables and cheese.

4. A mill for fresh herbs.

Chopping fresh herbs has become much easier! This mill is very similar to those that grind pepper, but it is suitable for cutting such fresh spices as rosemary, dill, parsley, sage and others. After all, compared to dried ingredients, they have a more pleasant taste and smell.

5. Pineapple cleaner.

Fans of this fruit will surely like this device, which separates the pulp and slices the pineapple in just a few seconds.

6. Ice sticks.

A regular bottle of mineral water does not fit standard ice cubes that are stored in the freezer. Therefore, it is worth buying a plastic form for freezing, in which the ice becomes like thin sticks and easily fits into a narrow neck.

7. Yolk separator.

If you are a fitness fanatic and prefer to eat only protein for breakfast, or you need to beat the yolks for a specific recipe, a special separator will help you, which will do the job for you.

8. Citrus sprayer.

Now you can spray the required amount of lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit and other citrus juice without much strain. This is very appropriate when preparing salads, fish or seafood dishes. This cap can also be used to cover the avocado halves to prevent them from darkening.

9. Double dish.

A great choice for those who like to eat nuts, seeds, cherries, peas, olives or candy wrappers in front of the TV. The lower stand is just designed for storing husks, bones or wrappers.

10. Spoon holder.

When you stir the hot soup that is being prepared, you usually do not know where to put a dirty spoon, so as not to get everything dirty. Now you can fix it directly over the food container and not splatter the stove.

11. Washing cup with filter.

Ideal for washing fresh produce from the infield.

12. Cup with attachment.

It can be attached to any plate and filled with seasonings, sauces, sour cream or cream, so that they do not spread all over the food.

12 Original kitchen Gadgets that you May not have Known Existed
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