1500W Sous Vide Cooker

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Model Number: SV-8001
Certification: CB, CE
Lid material: Stainless Steel
Outer pot material: Plastic
Capacity (Quart): MAX 10 Liters
LCD: Yes
Voltage: 110V or 220V
Power: 1500W

Want to easily create perfectly cooked, juicy, and tender meats?

You've just bought a thick slab of prime steak to cook for a special night. Seasoned to perfection, your steak is ready for cooking. After cooking, you slice and taste your masterpiece - only to be disappointed as the steak has lost its moisture, leaving you with a dry and tough piece of meat.

Cook restaurant-quality dishes in the comfort of your own home with the Biolomix Sous Vide Vacuum Slow Food Cooker.

  • Brings the best flavour out of your meats, steak, eggs, poultry, fish, and vegetables.
  • High power 1500W heating element.
  • Reaches 140°F (60°C) in 30 minutes, 203°F (95°C) in 15 minutes.
  • Adjustable time and temperature.
  • Attaches to any deep cooking container or pot.

Need more time to make a decision? Here are more reasons to love this sous vide cooker:

  • Soft-touch buttons, intuitive LCD screen.
  • Built-in thermostat.
  • Max and min measurement guide.
  • 32°F – 203°F (0°C - 95°C) temperature range.
  • Up to 99 hours 59 minutes timer setting.

 Recipes advice:

  • Steak - 132°F/55.5°C, 6 hours.
  • Salmon - 110°F/43°C, 30-45 minutes.
  • Chicken - 140°F/60°C, 30 minutes.
  • Eggs - 140°F/60°C, 10 minutes.


Using steps:

Step 1. Seal food in a vacuum bag, and place them in a water bath.

Step 2. Press the ON button for 3 seconds and then it will bleep and the display will turn on. The display will show the current temperature.

Step 3. Set timer to delay the start of cooking time. Or press set button again to set actual cook time, called “work time” on this unit (which only starts counting down once water has reached the correct temp).

Step 4. Set the temperatures / timer using the black scroll wheel on the front.

The last step. When the food reaches the target temperature and time, take it out, and serve it.

Reviews to "1500W Sous Vide Cooker":

  • Tommy 15.03.2021, 16:02
    The device is packed and protected really good. The screen is not very clean, but no problem. Everything works, there is a timer for the time how long you want to cook after it reaches the temperature you want to cook at. It has a built-in circulator to even out the water temperature in the entire container. There is a wheel for setting time and temperature quickly. Warning: You need a tall container to be able to clip the device, at least 20cm deep. Usual pots won't be deep enough.
  • Jess 02.03.2021, 17:11
    Just received and putted on the test...so far looks very promising the temperature rising is fast and it’s almost no noise- super quiet. highly recommended
  • Mark S. 22.02.2021, 11:53
    perfect, best buy and best service
  • Natsanova 17.02.2021, 18:24
  • xumastokuma 04.02.2021, 20:57
    Easy to use and silent. I've used it a few times and never had an issue. Also I ran a 6-hour test (during some beef cooking), at 57 degrees celcius it with a temperature data logger in a 10lt PP container without insulation, to see how stable the temperature is. Temperature fluctuations were there, but well under a degree celcius, so I guess its fine.
  • Ashley 23.01.2021, 13:26
    I bought this vide cooker to cook meat. I heard that this way of making food is a healthier way of eating. The cooker worked for me and the meat tasted good. The vide cooker works but you need a bucket for it to work.
  • Demirtaş Yada 06.01.2021, 19:41
    başarılı. teşekkür ederim
  • tom_koper 30.12.2020, 11:19
    Not only good for cooking ! Also very useful for keeping film development chemicals accurately on temperature "au bain marie". Works just as good as expensive temperature regulation for dark room. Of course use only to heat water of the surrounding bath, do not put directly into photo chemicals.
  • ALAIN77 16.12.2020, 22:07
    This product heats the water quickly. Starting from a water at a temperature of 15.3 ° C, the water reached the required temperature of 67 ° C in nineteen minutes. A control with two probes gives 69 ° c.
  • Roy 17.11.2020, 13:23
    This sous vide cooker is good for perfect cooking of the fish, chicken or any meat you would eat. I also used this for tempering chocolate, melting butter, for making tofu etc, all of the items came out well. Not only for people who eat meat but also for other non meat uses. Comes with the nice clamp to attach to the pot. If you have a deep pot and this is perfect, not suitable for small pots. Gets and maintains the temperature to that level consistently which makes the cooking even and food cooks perfectly. I ordered this with US plug, will buy one for my mom in europe as they also have eu plug
  • LaShay 11.10.2020, 23:10
    El producto anda correctamente. Es silencioso y confiable. Estoy muy satisfecho con el resultado de la compra. Tuve un problema con el manual de uso y enseguida me enviaron un Pdf nuevamente para tenerlo.
  • Wilber L. 26.09.2020, 17:16
    Great product - have used it only a few times so far but does exactly what I want it to do - the controls are extreamly simple to operate and it heats up the water very quickly.
  • July 24.08.2020, 13:51
    Works great, it's pretty fast to warm the water, and it is not super noise, there's some noise while it is circulating the water, but otherwise it's great. The scroll wheel it's also a bit stiff, but perhaps it is like that for better endurance.
  • Briar 16.07.2020, 11:59
    Good item
  • Heather L. 07.05.2020, 19:11
    excelente produto chegou muito rápido recomendo 100%
  • BG241143122 20.04.2020, 17:41
    overall good product, too early to have tested for everything.....tried some vegetables and poached eggs, both great.....maybe small adjustment on the setting of the temperature....
  • Giovanni 28.03.2020, 17:49
    Prodotto valido; lo sto usando da alcuni mesi, con piena soddisfazione; a voler essere ipercritici, l'unica pecca, può essere il display, un pò piccolo, e non così ben retroilluminato, ma l'uso è assolutamente facile, e il riscaldatore è molto efficiente, ed in tempi molto rapidi si raggiungono le temperature impostate. In rapporto al prezzo è un acquisto consigliabilissimo.
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