Burger Press 3 in 1

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There are a small shape and a large one.

To make burgers with filling can a large shape only. 

You get great burgers both with and without filling.

Quality plastic, easy to clean, compact.

Material: ABS.

Size: 125 * 125 * 58 mm / 4.92 * 4.92 * 2.36 "

Weight: 173 g.

3 in 1 Hamburg maker, a professional design gadget, has 3 different functions: a large hamburger with a filling, a large hamburger without a filling, and a small hamburger.

The non-stick coating allows you to continuously make your patties without creating any kind of buildup. Meat will not stick to durable non BPA sticky plastic. For example, the aluminum burger tool needs extra tools to remove the pie from the mold.

You remove the Perfect Hamburger from a hamburger printer without the use of a auxiliary kitchen tool because it has a detachable bottom.

It is the ultimate 3-in-1 tool for burger making.

Reviews to "Burger Press 3 in 1":

  • Zaiden 29.05.2021, 19:21
    Does the job well, could have been a bit bigger but it works great. It's really great for stuffed burgers, and I will buy more for family and friends. Just make sure to put everything back together after washing and drying, I keep mine in a Ziploc to make sure I don't lose any parts.
  • Reginald Perez 20.04.2021, 11:29
    Easy to use, easy to clean. Good and sturdy.
  • Alexis 02.04.2021, 14:09
    The product corresponds to the description. They delivered in 3 weeks. Packed in a normal package. The hamburgers came out great. The kids are happy.
  • Valera 12.03.2021, 20:44
    Cool get cutlets, with filling and without, as well as a form for cheeses for freezing generally Super. There is also a small shape and a large, with a filling only a large shape. Quality plastic, easy to clean, compact. Delivery to Barnaul 2 weeks.
  • Gabrielle R. 22.02.2021, 10:37
    I got these because I am the suck at forming patties, this fixed that along with offering other options for sliders and pockets. I measure out the amount and mash it into submission.
  • Freya 27.01.2021, 15:16
    It came for 2 weeks. Externally everything is fine. In the case I did not try, but I think too everything will be OK. I recommend..
  • Robert 16.12.2020, 17:45
    Very good quality and convenient to use. There are 2 sizes at once. It came in 10 days. Thank you!
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