Four-hole Frying Pan

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Abrasion-resistant and durable frying pan has the beautiful and elegant wood grain texture handle with the heat insulation and anti-scalding, comfortable grip.

Material: aluminum alloy + bakelite, non-stick coating of Maifan stone.

Uses: fried eggs, burgers ect.

Overall dimensions: total length 35.2 cm.

Single hole size: 9 cm in diameter.

Depth: 2.2 cm.

Color: as shown.

Application: induction cooker, gas stove, electric ceramic stove.

Note: The screw of the pan link handle is on the pan, remember to install the handle after taking it out.

Reviews to "Four-hole Frying Pan":

  • Laney 30.05.2021, 15:30
    Perfect for frying multiple eggs at a time.. cuts my work time down quite a bit when making family breakfast sandwiches for the week.
  • Kaliyah 11.05.2021, 10:14
    This pan works great. Non-stick function works well. The only design flaws are the small spaces that have no function but collect debris as you’re cooking and are hard to clean.
  • Bridger Rivera 21.04.2021, 23:46
    This frying pan is excellent for making breakfast sandwiches that fit perfectly on a chaffle. Cleans up afterwards easily.
  • Michaela L. 07.04.2021, 09:41
    Great frying pan! The handle is heavy, the design is like a tree! I am happy with the purchase, I recommend it
  • Adler 22.03.2021, 13:19
    Hello. I ordered two frying pans. I'm not disappointed at all. They were packed in several soft bags. The pans are whole, the handles are screwed on. The quality is good, weighty, in the dishwasher they are washed well. It's a pleasure to fry them, the pancakes turn out like tortillas-super!!! Thank you very much for the great product!
  • Nola Q. 09.03.2021, 18:22
    Super! A very good frying pan, eggs, cheesecakes, pancakes, cutlets right in shape-round... Thank you for the necessary and high-quality product!
  • Jayce 16.02.2021, 17:58
    Good product and good for eggs or pancakes.
  • Adelina 14.01.2021, 10:34
    Even though I like this skillet a lot, the eggs are a bit difficult to flip without hitting the rim.
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